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Pure Scandinavia is part of Grillifilms. Grillifilms was founded 2007 and is one of Finland's leading commercial film production companies. 


Grillifilms´ producers Katja Jokinen, Petteri Lehtinen, and Hanna Tuovio might have more experience in the business than any other production company in Finland. Our experience includes all types of filmmaking, from YouTube videos to feature films. We have shot around the world, which means we understand the global film business.

We are dedicated to providing a full production support service for film production and stills shoots throughout the whole of Finland.

We give you access to the top filming locations, the best crew and equipment knowledge, and facilitate your shoot in every way. Grillifilms loves a good crew! 

Helsinki is the movie capital of Finland, and that’s where most of the best crew and equipment are based. However, our favorite place to shoot is Lapland. When it comes to shooting in snow, ice, and the cold, both car and automotive related, we have gained a lot of know-how through servicing several international film crews, plus one feature film line production. For the film titled WAR, we were also involved in handling the tax incentive process, together with Business Finland. ​Don´t hesitate to contact us for references and budget requests.

Always trust the locals!